IMMJ Assignment – T1W8 Digital Platform

Beijing Metro – The Expanding City Vein

By Vict, 11 NOV 2013

Copyright © 2013 Zhang Wei. All rights reserved.

Passenger Searching her Route

          The past decade has witnessed the vast construction of the subway system in Beijing. The number of subway lines doubled three times within twelve years with an annual operation length increase around 50 km. the simple circle of Line 1 and 2 on the 2000 subway map has developed into a complex grid that transports huge amount of passengers everyday.

Beijing Subway Develpoment

          The construction was not limited within the city center. The subway stretches itself across the 5th, even 6th Ring Road of the city, reaching remote suburban areas in which people working around the city center may never consider to live in pre-subway times.

Tiantongyuan Subway Station, which is outside the city’s 5th Ring Road
Transfer station of subway Line 5 and Line 10

          As the housing price in the city has been soaring without effective curb from the government, most newly graduated employees encounter difficulty in finding an affordable  rental house which is near to their offices in town. But the fast expanding subway system offers another option for them. Taking advantage of the cheap, usually on time subway, people working in city center move to suburban areas where the rentals are cheaper. The only problem is that they have to deal with the flooding crowd during the morning/evening peak when everyone gets to work or comes back from work.

Every morning, young fresh bloods flow into the heart of the city through these  interlacing subway lines; when night falls upon, they return in crowded carriages to their home, distant but affordable apartments.

And then the city could close its eye.


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